Membership Application

There are two types of membership with SJMCA.  The first is to become a Contractor Member in the Industrial, Commercial, or Residential sector.  We always welcome new Contractor Members, especially in the Residential Sector.  The second way is to become a member of SJMCA is as an Associate Member.  The most common Associate Members are suppliers to our contractors.  

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Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions before you send in your application.

SJMCA serves as the premier trade association for Union Mechanical Contractors that employ the members of UA Local 322 Plumbers and Pipefitters. Our organization negotiates collective bargaining agreements for both Commercial and Residential Agreements with UA 322.  We are the networking voice of the Mechanical Contractors in South Jersey to champion Union Skilled Craftsmanship, and uphold a standard of excellence.


  • Collective Bargaining Participation: By joining SJMCA, you gain a pivotal voice in the collective bargaining process.
  • Fiduciary Trusteeship: SJMCA contractor members actively serve as Fiduciary Trustees on the Union Funds.
  • Business Growth Support: We offer a comprehensive range of education, marketing, and training programs aimed at fostering the growth of your business.
  • Continuing Education Opportunities: SJMCA collaborates closely with Local 322 to provide members with essential continuing education opportunities such as Plumbing Relicensing classes at no cost.
  • Partnerships for Training and Networking: We partner with M&SCA of Eastern PA to expand training and networking avenues for our members.
  • Membership Benefits with NJ PHCC: Members enjoy reduced rates to join NJ PHCC.
  • Involvement in Apprenticeship Programs: SJMCA actively participates in the hiring process for the Local 322 Apprentice Program.
  • Industry Advocacy and Inspiration: We advocate for the industry and strive to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in the trades, emphasizing the value of hard work in achieving the American Dream.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: SJMCA provides scholarships to graduates of Rowan University and Mainland High School and to a family member employed by an Associate member of SJMCA
  • Community Support: We are dedicated supporters of various community charity projects.
  • Market Share Expansion: SJMCA facilitates HVAC and hot water heater rebates to customers, aiding signatory contractors in increasing market share.
  • Political Advocacy: Our PAC fund ensures our collective voice is heard in Trenton and Washington.
  • Engagement and Networking Events: We organize meetings featuring relevant speakers and social events throughout the year to keep members engaged. Our speakers range from elected officials to motivational speakers.
  • Core Goals: INSPIRE, EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN: SJMCA is committed to inspiring, educating, and entertaining our members …. Providing a Fun and Focused Networking environment.


Join SJMCA today to unlock these valuable benefits and become part of a vibrant community dedicated to advancing the interests of Mechanical Contractors in South Jersey