William Davidson Memorial Scholarship

William Davidson, a partner with Marvin Davidson at Harry Davidson, Inc. was a man devoted to family, friends and community. Those that knew Bill Davidson said he was a man with integrity. His work ethic and business reputation motivated the members of The Greater Atlantic City Area Mechanical Contractors Association to establish a scholarship in his memory in 1987. The South Jersey Mechanical Contractors Association in 2017 was given the stewardship and are honored to continue the legacy of The William Davidson Memorial Scholarship.

2022 Recipient - Angela Claveria

Angela Claveria is a graduating senior at Mainland Regional High School. She will be attending

Duke University, where she will study biomedical engineering on the pre-medical track. Angela

has always been passionate about making a positive impact on the world through spreading

knowledge and helping others. She developed a strong interest for technology at a young age,

and this interest only grew as Angela pursued more STEM-related activities and realized the

endless possibilities in this field. Through engineering, Angela hopes to create devices that will

better our understanding of psychiatric disorders and assist those who struggle with them.

Outside of academics, Angela enjoys singing in choir, managing a local water ice store,

designing costumes for her school’s theater productions, and volunteering for children with

special needs. Angela pursues many activities because of her desire to learn more, and she

hopes that her engineering career will help widen our knowledge in the medical field in regards

to mental health.

Past Recipients
2021 - Giselle Obergfell

2020  - Julianna DiVentura

2019 - Vito D. Carfagno  
2018 - Duncan Scandin
2017 - Joseph Reina


Rowan University College of Engineering Scholarship

The Rowan University College of Engineering Award began in 2000 as a way for South Jersey Mechanical Contractors Association to show their support for the first graduating class at the Engineering School of Rowan University. We are honored to continue this grant each year with a recipient that is recommended by the staff at the College for an individual who has shown exemplary skills personally, and academically during their tenure at Rowan.

2022 Recipient - Derek Miebach

Rowan University College of Engineering nominated Derek Miebach for the South Jersey Mechanical Contractors Award. Derek started his career at Sussex County Community College where he obtained an Associate Degree in Computer Science. After a short break, and working in the IT field, Derek decided to return to academics. In the Spring of 2020, he selected Mechanical Engineering at Rowan University.

At Rowan Derek worked on 3 clinic projects and improving his skillsets for the future. The projects included subject matter along the lines of material research, novel design, simulation, and structural testing. Most recently, Derek got involved in a sponsored clinic where he and 2 of his teammates were able to develop novel ideas for a new class of commercial storage containers. Derek’s counselors at Rowan stated “He is extremely passionate about every project he has worked on and is also a true problem solver”.

Derek will be graduating in the class of 2022 from Rowan University with Summa Cum Laude honors and a GPA of 3.917. He has accepted an offer from the Axis Group in Berkeley Heights, NJ. He will start his career after graduation as a data analytics engineer.

We at SJMCA are delighted to present Derek this award and look forward to hearing of his professional accomplishments in the future

Past Award Recipients

2021    -    Jack Perelman Camins & Megan Duman
2020    -    Benjamin Taylor
2019    -    Robert Phillips
2018    -    Chris Kadlec & Yuan Li
2017    -    James Henry & Jill Sharkey
2016    -    Zachary Bechtle & Charles Grab
2015    -    Gary Haes & Matt Short
2014    -    John Grisi & Phil Greiner
2013    -    Kelsey Lewis
2012    -    Patrick Leung
2011    -    Vincent Tedesco & Scott Storms
2010    -    Evan Forisisky
2009    -    Anthony LaBarck & Todd Nilsen
2008    -    James Kostic
2007    -    Christopher Rowen
2006    -    William Weisnet
2005    -    Larry Pologruto
2004    -    Keith Goren
2003    -    Rabon M. Jones
2002    -    Lewis T. Clayton
2001    -    Janelle Lieblein
2000    -    Sarah Hart