William Davidson Memorial Scholarship

William Davidson, a partner with Marvin Davidson at Harry Davidson, Inc. was a man devoted to family, friends and community. Those that knew Bill Davidson said he was a man with integrity. His work ethic and business reputation motivated the members of The Greater Atlantic City Area Mechanical Contractors Association to establish a scholarship in his memory in 1987. The South Jersey Mechanical Contractors Association in 2017 was given the stewardship and  are honored to continue the legacy of The William Davidson Memorial Scholarship.

2021 Recipient - Giselle Obergfell

Giselle Obergfell is a graduating senior of Mainland Regional High School. She is planning to continue her education at Carnegie Mellon University in Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering to create a more sustainable technology filled future. From a young age creating a positive impact in the world has been a top priority for Giselle. From the discipline of earning her blackbelt at the age of 15 to creating the first female lead group in her grade school future engineering club, Giselle has dreamed of the impact she will once make in life. Beyond taking an array of challenging STEM courses, Giselle spends her free time managing a local boutique, volunteering in physical therapy at her local hospital, tutoring students in her community and leading as a captain in her three varsity sports teams. From a young age being raised at the shore, Giselle has fallen in love with all things environmental, from beach clean ups, hikes with her friends, and trail running, Giselle plans to make an impact in her career by focusing on the carbon footprint of engineering itself, from automotives to medical machinery. She plans in whichever field she lands in to dedicate her career to bettering our impact on mother nature.

Past Recipients
2020    -    Julianna DiVentura
2019    -    Vito D. Carfagno  
2018     -    Duncan Scandin
2017    -    Joseph Reina


Rowan University College of Engineering Scholarship

The Rowan University College of Engineering Award began in 2000 as a way for South Jersey Mechanical Contractors Association to show their support for the first graduating class at the Engineering School of Rowan University. We are honored to continue this grant each year with a recipient that is recommended by the staff at the College for an individual who has shown exemplary skills personally, and academically during their tenure at Rowan.

2021 Recipients

Jack Perelman Camins
Jack Perelman Camins is a graduating senior who will be receiving his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in May, 2021 from Rowan University. Jack was nominated for the award by Dr. Smitesh Bakrania and Dr. Hong Zhang. Dr. Bakrania noted that he first became acquainted with Jack while teaching the ME Lab course and that Jack routinely assisted other students with their projects in the class. Over the Summer 2019, Jack volunteered to help Dr. Bakrania develop a TFS project for Fall 2019 which was successfully implemented. That summer he also interned with PSEG Nuclear, Salem County, NJ. He subsequently worked with Dr. Bakrania on the Micro-combustion project for two terms where they prepared a journal manuscript. Jack continued to finalize the paper and it is now submitted for review. He is currently working on a bio-cooling project with Dr. Zhang, who notes that Jack is intrinsically motivated and a joy to work with. Jack has a GPA of 3.63 and has accepted a full-time position at Thermo Systems in East Windsor, NJ as a control systems engineer where he will be starting in June. We are excited to present Jack with this award and look forward to seeing what the future brings for his professional endeavors.

Megan Duman

Megan Duman is a graduating senior who will be receiving her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Bioengineering in May, 2021 from Rowan University. Megan has been working with Dr. Behrad Koohbar on her senior clinic project. The project she is currently working on was developed as a new collaboration between Rowan University and DePuy Synthes (Johnson & Johnson) which she helped initiate. Megan did an internship in this company last year. Megan has also worked on initiating a Rowan chapter of the eNable Foundation, which creates 3D printed limbs for those in need. After graduation, she will be joining Globus Medical Inc. as an associate project engineer. She has served as the Executive Board Secretary of the ASME student chapter and has a GPA of 3.563. We are delighted to present Megan with this award and look forward to hearing of her professional accomplishments in the future.

Past Award Recipients

2020    -    Benjamin Taylor
2019    -    Robert Phillips
2018    -    Chris Kadlec & Yuan Li
2017    -    James Henry & Jill Sharkey
2016    -    Zachary Bechtle & Charles Grab
2015    -    Gary Haes & Matt Short
2014    -    John Grisi & Phil Greiner
2013    -    Kelsey Lewis
2012    -    Patrick Leung
2011    -    Vincent Tedesco & Scott Storms
2010    -    Evan Forisisky
2009    -    Anthony LaBarck & Todd Nilsen
2008    -    James Kostic
2007    -    Christopher Rowen
2006    -    William Weisnet
2005    -    Larry Pologruto
2004    -    Keith Goren
2003    -    Rabon M. Jones
2002    -    Lewis T. Clayton
2001    -    Janelle Lieblein
2000    -    Sarah Hart