The formal history of the South Jersey Mechanical Contractors Association (SJMCA) started in 1971 but its roots can be traced back much further.  Camden and Atlantic City were the population centers in the South Jersey region before the turn of the 20th century. Atlantic City was a premier vacation resort, bustling with summer tourists. Hotels and restaurants soon were being built and needed a trained workforce and contractors. Camden was a bustling city with an industrial and manufacturing core that needed skilled craftsmen and employers to meet the demand. Local 121 was formed in Atlantic City and chartered in 1905. Local 322 was formed in Camden and chartered in 1915. 

The two unions bargained with the local contractors for over 70 years. However in the late 1960’s economic times brought changes to the region and a new identity was being created. The two locals merged and the two separate contractor groups joined together to form the current SJMCA.

Today, the SJMCA provides a wide range of services on behalf of contractors in the pipe trades industry.

SJMCA has promoted the advantages of union construction throughout South Jersey, represented its contractors in Washington and Trenton, and assisted in settlement of jurisdictional disputes and labor contract agreements.

The Association is also an educator, industry spokesman, safety advisor, a partner with other construction trades, an information center and enthusiastic promoter of business and industrial growth for the counties of South Jersey.

In 1997 SJMCA and UA Local 322 formed “The Alliance” to promote and market union construction in our area. Together we promote construction related education at Drexel University and recognize outstanding Mechanical Engineering students from Rowan University with a scholarship. We also award grants to outstanding graduates of local vocational schools and emphasize the benefits of the best trained work force utilized by the contractors of the SJMCA.

We have also signed an Alliance Agreement with OSHA, New Jersey Department of Labor, LU322 & the SJMCA.

The SJMCA membership is comprised of both large and small mechanical and plumbing contractors, each with an equal voice in the affairs and activities of the Association.
If you would like more information on how the SJMCA and its members can help your business or organization,

contact: Cathy Murphy, Executive Director - cathy@sjmca.org

Labor Relations

The SJMCA is the only recognized and trusted liaison between management and labor in South Jersey working with UA Local 322.

  • Collective bargaining agreements with UA Local 322
  • Policy establishment through the Labor Management Committee
  • Job dispute resolution according to labor agreements
  • Trusteeships on Taft-Hartley Health, Welfare, Pension, Education and Apprenticeship funds


  • Active participation on Apprenticeship training
  • Support of Vocational Schools in South Jersey
  • Support of the Math and Science Teachers Workshop
  • Active participation in Forman Training
  • Promotion of related Industry training
  • Financial assistance for courses offered by Drexel University
  • OSHA safety courses

Government Affairs

  • Political Action Committee (PAC)
  • Active in Industry issues in Trenton and Washington

Public Relations

Members of:

  • General Building Contractors Association Philadelphia
  • New Jersey Business and Industry Association
  • PHCC
  • South Jersey Chamber of Commerce

OSHA Alliance Partner

  • Develop training & education programs
  • Deliver construction related safety & health courses
  • Quarterly meetings with OSHA, NJDOL & WD’s, SJMCA, Local 322
  • Raise awareness to workplace safety