John Connors Farewell to SJMCA
Published on Monday, June 7, 2021

F A R E W E L L . . .
In 1978, I started working at Honeywell as a service sales
representative. Pneumatic controls were still being installed and a
new technology was being rolled out. Direct Digital Controls were
connected to phone lines with a microprocessor that communicated
with remote locations to interact with the HVAC equipment.
Technology was changing the HVAC industry.

Honeywell had a lot of United Association mechanics back
then and my success in sales was a direct result of the abilities of
the folks from Locals 9, 420, and 322. Honeywell was the most
expensive HVAC service company in the market, yet I believed
that we were the best because our UA-trained service people were
the best. This experience was a benefit when I became the third
Executive Director of the South Jersey Mechanical Contractors
Association in 1999.

I developed a better appreciation of the UA working closer with
them over the years.

However, it is the members of SJMCA that have made my years
memorable. We, and it is a big WE, have been involved in charity
projects throughout South Jersey. Helping to build a Down
Syndrome house, a battered women’s shelter, a complete house
renovation for the Heart of Camden, and helping with a Veterans
Center in Ocean City and Sister Grace in Atlantic City are a few of
our projects. WE had help from vendors, supply houses,
manufacturer reps, distributors, contractors, and the men and women
from UA Local 322.

Together WE helped others and displayed the generosity of the
people in the industry.

Over the years, I went to many memorial services of former
members, family, friends, and loved ones. I listened to the eulogies
and appreciated the opportunity to pay my respects.
I witnessed the young ones get older and now they are stepping
up as the next generation.

I appreciate the time that members give to support this
organization, especially those who have attended meetings and
served on the Board or as Trustees. I have been honored to serve
Presidents Joe Rich Jr., Dan Falasca Sr., Dave McCloskey, Dan
Falasca Jr., and Jay McGinnis.

My time at SJMCA was guided with the help of Cathy
Murphy and Maryellen Engle. Cathy has developed the skills to
move SJMCA forward and will be an asset as she becomes the
fourth Director of SJMCA. Maryellen has been a steady hand
who provided support, inspiration, and a shoulder to cry on.
Maryellen adapted to change and was instrumental in the success
of the organization. My success is a direct result of Cathy and

Also in 1978, I got involved with a community project in
Philadelphia that expanded Penn Treaty Park with six additional
acres of parkland. We eventually started the Penn Treaty Museum,
and I will now assume the role of Director focused on a Grand
Opening this Fall. History has always been an interest and now I
can pursue it full time.

Thank you all for your help over the years. Good memories
with good people.
John J. Connors

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