New Associate Member - Bioclimatic Air Systems, Inc.
Published on Tuesday, February 7, 2023

SJMCA welcomes our newest Associate Member Bioclimatic Air Systems, Inc.

Bioclimatic uses state-of-the-art air cleaning technologies and, with the help of our engineers, can analyze your needs and design a solution to efficiently meet your air cleaning needs within your budget.

As part of Clean Air Group - a long-standing leader in solutions for clean indoor air - Bioclimatic Air Systems offers a range of solutions to help customers efficiently and economically improve the quality of air in their environments. These include bi-polar ionization ion generators, ultraviolent-C (UVC), HEPA filtration and other technologies that can be implemented easily and affordably as standalone solutions or integrated with existing systems.

Improved indoor air quality and all the benefits that come with it are more important than ever. Bioclimatic Air Systems makes it simpler for everyone to enjoy those benefits with solutions that meet a range of needs and budgets. Connect with Bioclimatic today to explore all the ways they can help you experience air with an impact. 

WELCOME Bioclimatic Air Systems !

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